1+1 Hongkong Oolong
Hongkong Oolong

Hongkong Oolong

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Brand 1+1
Perfumer Maurice Roucel
Visual Artist Alan Chan
Release Year 2019
Type Eau de Parfum
Size 15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz
Tea for two
Hongkong Oolong captures the image of China as I see it in a few years, with its contrasts and mo- dernity. This fragrance juxtaposes my interpretation of tea with the specificities of oolong. Designing a fragrance is always about adapting reality. I thought about what it is in tea that gives pleasure and comfort. So, I built the composition around musky notes, which reveal themselves generously, like the long finish you get with a mature tea. Spicy inflections of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger reproduce the warming effect of a hearty mouthful. A base of san- dalwood and Tonka bean round off the accord with a milky sweetness. Then, I incorporated the specific characteristics of oolong and that floral lightness; jasmine, honey- suckle, with its fruity and honeyed accents, and a touch of magnolia, which I associate with China. Lastly, hints of leather, incense and moss transform the green, vegetal freshness of the tea leaf to bring out its fermented character.