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From Plant to Essence

From Plant to Essence

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Authors Jeanne Doré, Béatrice Boisserie, Sarah Bouasse, Eugénie Briot, Mathilde Cocoual, Olivier R. P. David, Aurélie Dematons, Anne-Sophie Hojlo, Clara Muller & Guillaume Tesson
Publication Date 17 June 2021
Language French & English
Pages 239 pgs
ISBN 9782491567255
A world tour of fragrant raw materials
From Sicily to Laos, Paraguay to Madagascar, this book takes you on an incredible olfactory journey for a series of fascinating encounters with perfume plants, the producers who create fragrance essences, extracts and molecules, the perfumers who use them, and the iconic compositions in which you will find them.

Vanilla, jasmine, bergamot, musks… Thirty chapters explore the diversity and richness of perfumery ingredients: their origins, cultivation, transformation and usage, as well as the innovations devised to address the environmental, economic and social challenges of today.