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The Sense of Scent: Mathilde Laurent

The Sense of Scent: Mathilde Laurent

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Authors Mathilde Laurent & Sarah Bouasse
Publication Date 30 June 2022
Language English
Pages 128 pgs
ISBN 9782491567361
21st Century Priestess
Over the course of thirteen chapters, to be read in any order, Mathilde Laurent reflects on her career, her explorations, and shares her convictions about a craft she wants to enable the widest possible audience to discover: perfumery. Defending a “perfumistic” vision of her profession, she strives to “bring sense, emotion, symbols and art” to her creations. In her view, imparting true and accurate information about the world of perfume is the only way for people to appropriate it, enjoy it and, more broadly, to learn to contemplate the world through the sense of smell. This personal, engaged narrative is a genuine manifesto for olfactory sensibility.