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Complete Collection

Complete Collection

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Issues 01 Pour une culture olfactive (fr)
02 Le propre et la sale (fr)
03 The sex of scents
04 Perfume and Art
05 Natural vs. Synthetic
06 Mind & Body
07 The Animal Sense
08 Addictive Substances
09 Around the World
10 From the Nose to the Mouth
11 Live & Let Die
12 Design & Perfume
13 Near or Far
Languages English (04-13)
French (01-02)
Pages 144 pgs (01)
152 pgs (02)
144 pgs (03-06)
160 pgs (07-13)
EAN 9782370630445 (01)
9782370630490 (02)
9782370630520 (03)
9782370630599 (04)
9782370630643 (05)
9782370630711 (06)
9782370630766 (07)
9782370630865 (08)
9782491567019 (09)
9782491567156 (10)
9782491567224 (11)
9782491567316 (12)
9782491567385 (13)
The definitive guide
I can still remember the first time I opened a copy of Nez the Olfactory Magazine. I was absolutely mesmerized by the quality of the writing, the graphics, the images—the whole experience, really. After taking it all in, my next thought was, "How can I purchase every issue right now?" I'm sure that I'm not alone and that many fragrance lovers have shared this experience. This publication just begs to be collected but the problem is that as the collection grows, it can become harder and harder to catch up, especially if it was a recent discovery.

In order to make life a bit easier for all the completionists and collectors out there, we are introducing the Complete Collection! This gives you the opportunity to purchase every issue of
Nez the Olfactory Magazine at a special, discounted rate. This includes French language editions of issues 01-02.To be clear, this means you will receive the French language editions of issues 01 & 02 along with the English language editions of the rest of the collection. Happy collecting!