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Aphorisms of a Perfumer | Dominique Ropion

Aphorisms of a Perfumer: Dominique Ropion

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Authors Dominique Ropion & Marie-Bénédicte Gauthier
Publication Date 24 May 2018
Language English
Pages 128 pgs
ISBN 9782370630704
The Master of Flowers
Dominique Ropion is often described as reserved, gifted, playful and a hard worker. He defines himself as a composer, an arithmetician of fragrance, motivated by the idea that “the same formula recounts different stories on each person’s skin”. In these chapters, he deconstructs the smells that characterized his childhood, the ones he likes to come across in the street or through a spontaneous encounter, and the aromas of flowers — rose, narcissus, tuberose — to offer us their olfactory and emotional secrets. Exploring the notions of addiction, animality and attraction, he strives to create scents that will “bind to any being and mould to its inner depths, which will necessarily be different” from his own. With this unique testimony, he reveals the sensitive and inimitable approach he takes to his work.