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PUR A Cartier magazine hand-picked by Nez

Pur: A Cartier magazine hand-picked by Nez

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Issue Pur : A Cartier magazine hand-picked by Nez
Publication Date 15 July 2020
Language English
Pages 32 pgs
Cartier's olfactory jewels
To coincide with Cartier’s launch of a new and exclusive collection – Les Épures de parfum – Nez decided that this was the perfect moment to impart its vision of a house whose singular position in the landscape of contemporary perfumery, embodied by Mathilde Laurent, its in-house perfumer, continues to fascinate us to this day, much as it did when we featured a landmark interview with her in our inaugural issue.

This supplement goes beyond presenting the often shared approach about the role of the fragrance creator, the complementarity of natural and synthetic substances, and the importance placed on perfume traditions. It also sheds light on the similarities and ties between Mathilde Laurent’s work and Cartier’s principal line of business, a bond that has led her to make such declarations as: “I designed this collection as living pieces of high jewelry inspired by flowers and nature.”

From the interview with Olivier Darné, a visual artist and beekeeper, to the dialogue between Mathilde Laurent and Pierre Rainero, director of image, style and heritage at Cartier, to the story of the jeweler's perfumes and an in-depth look at the three creations that make up this new collection (
Pur Muguet, Pur Magnolia and Pur Kinkan), you’ll find pure essence of Cartier distilled in these pages.

Then, the collection will be for you to smell!